CON/SPAN® is a patented modular precast system for total set-in-place construction of bridges, culverts, underground structures and environmentally acceptable alternatives for underground containment.

  • Each installation is custom designed and manufactured for your specific site requirements.
  • Precast modular units are delivered to your site and set in place by crane.
  • Backfilling can begin immediately.
  • CON/SPAN® is available from an international network of precast providers.

CON/SPAN®'s fully engineered system stands apart from other products through the strength of its distinctive arch action and extensive technical support.

How the CON/SPAN® staff works for you

  • One call to (800) 338-1122 connects you with your local provider or our design team of experienced professional engineers.
  • We support your local CON/SPAN® provider to help owners, consultants and contractors evaluate CON/SPAN® solutions for specific projects.
  • We work with your local CON/SPAN® provider to develop project specific information needed for their pricing.
  • In conjunction with your local CON/SPAN® provider, we provide comprehensive design support and design aids for automated and manual plan preparation, and assistance through all phases from concept through installation.

How CON/SPAN® saves you time and money

  • The arch shape provides an economy of materials for a lower initial cost.
  • Overall savings for a project is significant over cast-in-place.
  • Fast installation—usually in hours. Road closings and detours are minimized, resulting in significant reductions in maintenance of traffic costs. A Maine DOT project study estimated a seven-month savings of construction time over cast-in-place construction.
  • Eliminates two major bridge problems: costly maintenance of an exposed bridge deck and bridge deck icing.
  • Off-site fabrication ensures tight adherence to specs, less on-site work and quality control of modular units.
  • Long life cycle, low life cycle costs, virtually no maintenance.

CON/SPAN®'s arch-box shape rated #1 by state transportation agencies

A survey encompassing data from 45 State Departments of Transportation (DOT) indicated CON/SPAN® was:

  • Evaluated by more state DOTs.
  • Approved by more state DOTs.
  • Used by more state DOTs than any other precast three-sided box culvert on the market.

Research backs CON/SPAN®'s ongoing development

The extensive research and development that resulted in CON/SPAN® Bridge Systems continues as an important component of the system. Several full-scale load tests, conducted in cooperation with the Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania departments of Transportation, verified the analysis procedures and demonstrated the tremendous reserve strength of the system.

  • Clear spans from 12 ft to 60 ft.
  • The arch-box units can accommodate a wide range of fill heights together with AASHTO or AREMA loading.
  • Headwalls are precast with unit or separately.
  • Footings may be precast or cast in place. Units may also be set on a slab bottom, pedestal walls or pile caps.
  • Strip footings preserve natural stream bottom and allow water percolation in retention vaults.
  • Wingwalls, designed for your site, are furnished in one piece, are self-supporting, and can be backfilled immediately.
  • Separate or integral closed ends are used for underground containment vaults.
  • Variable modular configurations allow for practically unlimited lengths, widths and vertical clearances.

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