REVISED! Hydrology & Hydraulic Tools (Version 4.0 - Updated April 2008):

Developed by Don Chase, Ph.D of the University of Dayton Hydraulics Laboratory, the newest version of the Hydraulic Tools program uses the Federal Highway Administration’s HDS5 procedures to determine inlet and outlet control depths for CON/SPAN® structures. Results from research conducted by Dr. Chase are incorporated into this program, as well as used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ HEC-RAS program.

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Link to HEC-RAS:

The Army Corps of Engineers’ Hydraulic Engineering Center (HEC) has developed a software program called HEC-RAS. This program is used to model natural streams and structures that are built along them. As of version 3.0, users are able to specifically model CON/SPAN® structures as culverts using the "culvert method." In the "culvert method," the CON/SPAN® shape can be selected from a drop-down menu box. This allows CON/SPAN® to be more easily compared to other common culvert shapes, such as circular, rectangular and elliptical.

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Link to HY-8 Culvert Analysis:

Culvert Analysis developed by FHWA automates the design methods described in FHWA publications HDS-5, "Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts," HEC-14, "Hydraulic Design of Energy Dissipators for Culverts and Channels," and HEC-19, "Hydrology."

  • Download HY-8 from the FHWA website

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CON/SPAN® Installation Handbook:

Comprehensive discussion of installation of a CON/SPAN® structure including wingwalls and headwalls.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Adobe Acrobat Reader software allows you to open, view and print PDF documents that are located throughout our website.

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