Engineering Design

CON/SPAN® designers perform engineering studies and prepare preliminary plans to allow for accurate cost estimates for projects, and their technical support can include automated CADD plan preparation. Software allows a direct hydraulic comparison between CON/SPAN® and other structures.

Engineers design the precast units based on the amount of soil cover and the live load for each specific project as well as check the design for handling/erection loads using a non-linear finite element computer program originally developed for the Federal Highway Administration that has been modified for CON/SPAN® application.

CON/SPAN® provides full shop drawing preparation with Professional Engineering stamp in all states. Additional engineering services can include foundation design and drawings as well as hydraulic modeling and scour analysis.

Our staff of professional engineers has experience with over 8,000 CON/SPAN® structures and is available to provide engineering support from the planning phase of a project through the construction phase.

CADD Services

CON/SPAN®’s CADD group prepares final site and shop drawings of each bridge installation. All drawings are produced using advanced 2D and 3D software allowing bridge drawings to be completed in a timely and accurate fashion.

Many plans are produced by using an automated program developed by CON/SPAN®, using 3D models. Drawing views are then extracted from the model to ensure accuracy and quality of all final drawings.