• "I wouldn't buy a bridge from anyone else! Great quality of product . You have a customer for life."
    –Jeremy Rutter, Heritage Development Group (Maryland)

  • "Nice job! Good fit. On site assistance is a good thing."
    –Alex Saunders, Schneider Corporation (Indiana)

  • "Great product - great service."
    –Steve Luebbe, Fayette County (Ohio)

  • "[Your sales representative] went above the call of duty to ensure a successful project."
    –Todd Berstrom, C&S Engineers (Ohio)

  • "[Your sales representative] was helpful in providing lighting details."
    –Scott Roe, Franklin County Engineers Office (Ohio)

  • "Product quality and coordination of deliveries were excellent."
    –Brian Geffe, Mosser Construction Inc (Ohio)

  • "[Your sales representative] did a great job and was extremely helpful."
    –Tom Knows, Boone County Highway (Indiana)

  • "Nice job!"
    –Scott Basinger, Stark County Engineers (Ohio)

  • "Great product with a smooth installation."
    –Chad Ingle, City of Kettering (Ohio)

  • "[Your sales representative] made our project go very smooth."
    –Danny Anderson, Site Rite Construction (Kansas)

  • "Personnel were very cooperative and professional."
    –Rudolph Petruccelli, Petruccelli Engineering (New York)

  • "In January 2005, we had some flood damage causing almost one mile of this route to be completely washed [out]. An old culvert/bridge was plugged with debris causing the creek to overtop the highway. Traffic [was required to reopen] in 2 weeks so I contacted [your sales representative] to find out if she could help us with a replacement alternative. She was immediately available to meet at the site and provided us with enough information to allow me to make the decision to move forward with the replacement. In a matter of a day or two, we received plans and specification for [your] product. A week later we began the bridge replacement. The culvert has been maintenance free and is performing well."
    –Jesus Paez, Caltrans-District 8 (Georgia)

  • "Great to work with [your sales representative]. He is a man of high integrity. Great job and thanks!"
    –Steve Magnan, Atwell-Hicks (Michigan)

  • "Had an overall excellent experience with CON/SPAN®."
    –John Bauer, Schellinger Construction Company Inc (Montana)

  • "Field representative did an outstanding job."
    –Kevin Weber, Lunda Construction (Wisconsin)

  • "Great job!"
    –Mike Price, MAP Engineers (Tennessee)

  • "Structure looks great. Very easy install. Got lots of help with a special design. Would do business again."
    –Max Knauss, Parkes Companies (Tennessee)

  • "[Your sales representative] is very professional and great to work with."
    –Jason Goddard, LandDesign Inc (Tennessee)

  • "The CON/SPAN® product used for this tunnel project proved to be the right solution to facilitate rapid construction on this very congested, urban stretch of interstate."
    –Frank Bak, Wilbur Smith Associates (Tennessee)

  • "Using the CON/SPAN® arch product was a good experience and the technical support provided by [your engineer] was excellent."
    –Kass Alkanani, FHU (Colorado)

  • "[Your sales representative] did a good job and the installation was successful."
    –Steve Allison, CC Magnum CO (North Carolina)

  • "Fantastic. Very knowledgeable and helpful."
    –Stan Drennan, Jefferson County Highway Department (Illinois)

  • "The team that served us was great! [Your sales representative] was a great partner."
    –Brian Gilt, Legland Alliance LLC (New York)

  • "Very good service and attention; including on-site during installation."
    –Victor Maglio, Civil Dynamics Inc (New Jersey)

  • "[Your sales representative] was a great help throughout the project, from design to installation."
    –Christopher Long, Hancock County (Ohio)

  • "Very easy to prep and install. Keeps a natural channel, environmentally friendly."
    –Bruce Smallacombe, Lackawanna County (Pennsylvania)

  • "[Your sales representative and engineer] both provided excellent service. It was a pleasure working with both of them."
    –E. Kenneth Acker, Acker Associates Inc (Pennsylvania)

  • "Engineering staff and sales representative were helpful from start to finish and accommodated all PennDOT comments willingly - good job!"
    –Benjamin Allis, DMJM Harris Inc (Pennsylvania)

  • "Working with [your sales representative] has been great! The products works as promised and construction drawings were wonderful."
    –Robert Hudson, Rick Engineering Company (Arizona)

  • "Very well organized. [Your sales representative] is an asset to your company."
    –Dave Spurr, Dave Spurr Excavating Company (California)

  • "Great project. Thanks for your help!"
    –Eric Parker, Park Enterprise Construction Company Inc (Ohio)

  • "Your product was great to work with. Also, you have a great technician."
    –Clark Pysell, Caarita Excavating Inc (West Virginia)

  • "Excellent technical support. Thank you [to your sales representative]. I will use your products again."
    –Mike DeSanzo, Civil and Environmental Consultants (Pennsylvania)

  • "The assistance and support that we received from [your sales representative] was outstanding. We are very pleased with the final appearance of the CON/SPAN® and will be adding a photo of this bridge in our company brochure."
    –Leonard Oki, Nishimura Katayama and OKI Inc (Hawaii)

  • "Great work!"
    –Tim Woodrow, Woodrow and Associates (Pennsylvania)

  • "Would HIGHLY recommend."
    –Andy Bento, Hazle Township (Pennsylvania)

  • "[This] bridge was the first CON/SPAN® bridge we've installed. The project was very successful with no complications. My compliments to [your sales representative] for his cooperation and assistance."
    –Anthony Merante, A. Merante Contractors Inc (Pennsylvania)

  • "I appreciated the expertise of [your sales representative], and it was a pleasure working iwth him."
    –Michael Monsour, Monsour Builders Inc (Kentucky)

  • "Had a very positive experience. Will recommend product again."
    –William Zeiders, Zeiders Consulting (California)

  • "[Your] sales representative was especially helpful from design phase all the way through construction."
    –Brian Davidson, Marion County Engineers Office (Ohio)

  • "Very professional and reliable service."
    –Pat King, Brover Excavating (Pennsylvania)

  • "As always, CON/SPAN® was a pleasure to work with and everything went well from design through installation."
    –George Retschie, Ballentine Associates (North Carolina)

  • "[Your sales representative] was very helpful during the design process. He was great about answering my questions and returning calls."
    –Woody Casper, URS Corporation (Virginia)

  • "We had excellent everything. We would use CON/SPAN® again and again."
    –John Boyle, Whiskey Creek (Illinois)

  • "[Your sales representative] is always great."
    –Brad Slayden, Ragan-Smith Associates (Tennessee)

  • "[Your sales representative] was very helpful."
    –Carl Schmitz, City of Santee (California)

  • "[Your sales representative] is great to work with."
    –D. Kevin Tumblin, Freeland and Associates Inc (South Carlina)

  • "[Your sales representative] was very helpful throughout the project."
    –Debra Hughes, Marbaca Brady and Weaver (Indiana)

  • "[You] did an excellent job, provided excellent products [and] were extremely helpful on this and other projects."
    –Dennis Bittner, Bittner Engineering (Michigan)

  • "Great service by [your sales representatives]."
    –Scott Fennel, NKU (Kentucky)

  • "[Your sales representative] did an outstanding job of providing assistance when needed."
    –Robert Cararie, Tri-State Design (Pennsylvania)

  • "Thanks for your expertise. It was a pleaure working with you."
    –Royce Andrews, Lighthouse Christian Center (Delaware)

  • "[Your sales representative] was extremely helpful in all aspects."
    –Mike Herrick, Aquatic Contracting (Washington)

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    –Chip Grimes, Sahademan and Associates (Washington)

  • "Technical assistance was very good."
    –David Massey, Gaskins Surveying and Engineering (Georgia)

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    –Michael Mecca, CECO Associates (Pennsylvania)

  • "Great service."
    –Robert Potter, Comeaux Engineering (Lousiana)

  • "[Your sales representative] was a great help. Very responsive and knowledgeable."
    –Kevin Smith, Classic Group (Maryland)

  • "Working with CON/SPAN® has been very beneficial to the timely completion of a complex project. [Your] support with upfront design, permitting, final approval and installation was impeccable."
    –John Carney, Benchmark Engineering (Maryland)

  • "[Your sales representative] was very helpful. Since this was our first experience with this type of structure, it was great to have him on the job site."
    –Brad Shelton, Shelton Development (Texas)

  • "Your product's fit and finish are great. [Your] representative is outstanding and makes every effort to make the project work as smoothly as possible."
    –Ed Pyle, John Massman Construction (Missouri)

  • "Great product with great people."
    –Shane Ramey, KY Transportation Cabinet (Kentucky)

  • "[Your engineer] was extremely helpful throughout the project from design, bidding and construction."
    –Brian Salyers, Talber and Bright (North Carolina)

  • "Information and coordination during design was excellent."
    –Erskine Brookes, Kimley-Horn and Associates (North Carolina)

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    –Karl Oprisch, Hammontree and Associates (Ohio)

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    –Dave Mitesh, Pioneer Contracting (Maryland)

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    –Christina Newcomb, URS Corporation (Florida)

  • "[Your sales representative] was responsive, helpful and provided a good design that [our client] was happy with.
    –Tryan Triick, Jordan Jones and Gouldeny (Georgia)

  • "[Your sales representative] was outstanding."
    –Robert Cowwig, Stone Mountain Park (Georgia)

  • "All went well."
    –Doug Forni, Thrasher Engineering (West Virginia)

  • "It was a pleasure working with [your sales representative] on this project. Thank you for the assistance."
    –Jason Schaffer, Mark Schaffer Excavating (Ohio)

  • "[Your sales representative] has handled the job very well."
    –Ben Slater, Rochester and Associates Inc (Georgia)

  • "As usual, the service by CON/SPAN® and [your sales representative] were EXCELLENT!"
    –Allen Harp, Sunbelt Structures Inc (Georgia)

  • "Your staff has been very helpful during the design and construction process. I am sure we will continue using precast concrete 3-sided arch bridges on future projects."
    –Norbert R. Kuhn PE, City of Virginia Beach (Virginia)

  • "Everything went very well."
    –Brandon Spencer, Kenbridge Construction Company (Virginia)

  • "Our client was very impressed to see the bridge erected in one day and with no impact to the active creek bed."
    –Craig Steward, Penfield and Smith (California)

  • "We've always been happy in our dealing with CON/SPAN®."
    –Dan Broekhuizen, URS Corporation (Michigan)

  • "Unit went together very well. Technical assistance was very helpful."
    –John Klein, Klein Excavating (Illinois)

  • "[Your sales representative] was very helpful during the bidding and construction of this project."
    –Mark Blum, Mingo Creek Construction (Pennsylvania)

  • "[Your sales representative] has been really good to us. Any questions or concerns he seems to go out of his way to answer."
    –William Simmons, Strongstownn's B&K Enterprises (Pennsylvania)

  • "I have had excellent success with [your sales representative]. He has assisted the project far above expectations."
    –Robert Cararie PE, Tri-State Design (Pennsylvania)

  • "Project went smoothly. [Your sales representative] was very helpful."
    –Kevin Harnett, MS Consultants Inc (Pennsylvania)

  • "Excellent support from [your engineer] in the office and from the field rep[resentative]."
    –John Waddell, County of San Luis Obispo Public Works (California)

  • "[Your sales representative] is as competent as anyone I've every worked with. Thanks for everything!"
    –Steve Souza, Souza Construction Inc (California)

  • "[Your engineer and sales representative] have been been extremely helpful in the preparation and coordination of our plans."
    –Ron Maestas, Madole and Associates (California)

  • "Nice installation."
    –Steve Bus, Cemcon Limited (Illinois)

  • "As usual it was a pleasure working with people at CON/SPAN®. We can't wait for the next project."
    –Gregg Nadess, Crystal Sewer and Water (Illinois)

  • "Design support from CON/SPAN® and were very helpful."
    –Scott Threewitt, Bollinger Lach and Associates (Illinois)

  • "I very much enjoyed working with [your sales representative]. I appreicated his being available for meetings with city and civil engineers. He was on top of this job."
    –Jerry Skibell, Skibell Properties LC (Texas)

  • "[Your sales representative] was very helpful. [He] provided submittal in timely fashion, helped coordinate delivery with crane sub, [and his] overall knowledge of the product was helpful."
    –Mark Rodren, IMCO General Construction (Texas)

  • "[Your sales representative] did an excellent job providing product information and assisting with specialized design considerations and technical support."
    –Scott Speer, SSOE Inc (Ohio)

  • "I really appreciate all of the support offered to us by [your sales representatives] and [your engineers]. [Your sales representative] proved to be a great asset to this project. Thank you so much!"
    –Tiffany Koogler, City of Dayton (Ohio)

  • "[Your engineer] was exceptionally wonderful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, helpful and pleasant - a good guy!"
    –Barb Carlson, Fore Runner Corporation (Ohio)

  • "Customer was satisfied. [Your sales representatives] have been very helpful with quotes and installation."
    –Gary Black, Miller Brothers Excavating (Ohio)

  • "Keep up the great service!"
    –Andrew Gargiuro, R.E. Pierson (New Jersey)

  • "The level of service provided by the salesman from design to installation was excellent. He is a true asset."
    –Rob Sudderth, Turner Universal (Tennessee)

  • "Great product and support by local provider!"
    –Steve Casey, Civil and Environmental Consultants (Tennessee)

  • "Everything went smooth from design through construction."
    –Ted Kniazewycz, Gresham Smith and Partners (Tennessee)

  • "Very pleased. [Your sales representative] did an excellent job."
    –Jonathon R. Smith, Engineering Resources Corporation (South Carolina)

  • "[I] Look forward to next application."
    –Jim Ducker, Thomas and Hutton Engineering Company (South Carolina)

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    –Robb Kalsey, ATIAS (West Virginia)

  • "Your people have been very helpful and professional."
    –Doug Furni, Thrasher Engineering (West Virginia)

  • "Everybody I worked with and spoke to at CON/SPAN® was professional, helpful and polite. If I need a bridge, my first call will be [to] CON/SPAN®."
    –Terry Hill, Hillrise Development (California)

  • "My experience with the entire CON/SPAN® team on my bridge project was fabulous. [Your team] was courteous, helpful and responsive at every turn. I look forward to working with [your sales representative] again in the future."
    –Terry Alapeteri, Huibregtse Louman Associates (Washington)

  • "Excellent job!"
    –Donnie Wrenn, Centex Homes (North Carolina)

  • "Your crew was professional, on time, informed and made the bridge go smoothly at installation. You did a great job! Thanks."
    –Craig S. Dunkley, Standard Pacific Homes (California)

  • "[Your engineer] provides excellent service! A+."
    –Matt Medill, KASL (California)

  • "[Your sales representative] did a great job."
    –Tim DeMartini, DeMartini RV Sales (California)

  • "[Your sales representative] did a great job assisting during installation."
    –Russ Whipple, Centex Homes (California)

  • "Great looking structure!"
    –Dave Loseman, City of Westminster (Colorado)

  • "[Your sales representative] is A+."
    –Daniel Schaefer, Froehling and Robertson Inc (North Carolina)

  • "Great product! The bridge functions well and looks great!"
    –Bill Jenkins, Earth Tech (North Carolina)

  • "Everything was done in a timely fashion. Very satisfied with information provided by [your sales representative] and with very knowledgeable installation."
    –Bert Meijboom, Engineering Tectonics PA (North Carolina)

  • "Great job with value engineering."
    –Doug Hermann, Wyman and Simpson Inc (Maine)

  • "We appreciated the assistance/coordination at the construction."
    –Michael Scott, Waterman Design Association (Massachusetts)

  • "Our company is planning to use CON/SPAN® on two other projects. Very impressed with product and service/design."
    –Michael Liu, The Berkshire Design Group (Massachusetts)

  • "Really appreciate all the help from [your sales representative]. Very good guy to work with."
    –Erick Grassbaugh, Complete General Construction (Ohio)

  • "[Your engineer] was a pleasure to work with and a true professional, and [your sales representative] made sure every detail was taken care of right up to the end, making my first CON/SPAN® project perfect!"
    –Frank J. Aransky, PE, American Consulting Inc (Ohio)

  • "Another great job."
    –Ken Richardson, PE, American Consulting Inc (Ohio)

  • "[Your sales representative] did a great job in coordinating. He was responsive to all questions and helped out greatly."
    –Eric Chenevey, CIP Engineering Inc (Ohio)

  • "We were very pleased with the assistance received on this project. Every aspect of the bridge went smoothly."
    –Doug Gabbard, Planum Excavating Inc (Ohio)

  • "[Your sales representative] did a great job of coordinating with me and the contractor through the entire process."
    –Doug Liening, Woolpert Inc. (Ohio)

  • "Very good looking product! Service to set was excellent."
    –Joseph J. Hebda, Heritage Contracting (West Virginia)

  • "Your sales rep[resentative] did an outstanding job. He has the knowledge and personality to assist us in any situation. He answered all of our questions and helped us a great deal with our first Stormvault experience."
    –Ryan Myers, Huntzberry Brothers (Maryland)

  • "It was a pleasure working with you. You made an interesting job very easy and smooth. Thank you."
    –Joe Feraco, JB Constructors (Pennsylvania)

  • "[Your provider] was great to work with."
    –Jeff Madden, Eastern States Engineering (Pennsylvania)

  • "[Your provider] was a true professional and on top of the job at all times."
    –Joe Stack, Huffman Equipment Rental and Company (Ohio)

  • "[Your provider] did a great job as usual."
    –Alan Prescott, Geauga County Engineers (Ohio)

  • "[Your providers] were great. They were very helpful throughout the project. We look forward to dealing with your company in the future."
    –Mike Diloreto, Schirmer Construction (Ohio)

  • "[Your provider's] assistance has been priceless. CON/SPAN® allowed me to offer my client a feasible solution with minimized traffic closure. County commisioners visited the site and were pleased with progress. That means we at The Troyer Group were pleased, too."
    –Maryo Pasarel, The Troyer Group (Indiana)

  • "[Your providers] were both great to work with. Very professional."
    –Steve Medina, Jensen Design & Survey (California)

  • "I appreciated the fast response we received from [your engineer] concerning a construction problem encountered in the field."
    –Ben Smith, St. Joseph County Engineering Department (Indiana)

  • "First rate operation. I would recommend your product with no complaints."
    –Dan Smolak, Marucci & Gaffney (Ohio)

  • "I am very happy with the CON/SPAN® that was installed on County 'D.'"
    –Jim Fischer, Vilas County Highway Department (Wisconsin)

  • "Great work!"
    –Raja Jildeh, Michigan Department of Transportation (Michigan)

  • "Delivery was on time and installation went very well."
    –Josh Williamson, Faulconer Construction (Virginia)

  • "Have always been happy working with [your provider]."
    –Bill Davis, Yarbrough-Williams & Houle Inc (North Carolina)

  • "[Your provider] was a huge help - great coordination. It couldn't have gone any better. [Your provider] was on time with the materials. Excellent job."
    –Matt Gardner, Gershenson Construction (Missouri)

  • "Well-engineered, saved time on installation."
    –Charles Smith, Morsey Inc (Kentucky)

  • "[Your provider]'s assistance with literature was of great help in obtaining permits. Look forward to another one soon!"
    –Ralph Wegener, Overland Design (Massachusetts)

  • "Good teamwork between us and [your] CON/SPAN® engineer."
    –Mike Mwangi, DPK Consulting LLC (New Jersey)

  • "Great job, guys, especially kudos to [your] CON/SPAN® engineer for his technical assistance and response to my questions and shop drawings comments/concerns."
    –Ted Prorok, Parsons Infrastructure and Technology Group, Inc (New York)

  • "[Your provider] was of great assistance with the entire installation process."
    –David McGhee, Beam's Contracting (Georgia)

  • "Very good support and response from [your provider]."
    –Mark Obergfell, Terhorst, Lamson & Fisk, Inc (Indiana)

  • "Excellent product and service. Looks good too."
    –Tom Pritchett, Chagrin Valley Engineering (Ohio)

  • "My experience was all around great. [Your provider] was there every time we needed him."
    –Richard Alexander, Forecast Homes (California)

  • "[Your provider] was very helpful throughout our contract. We are very interested in working on future CON/SPAN® projects."
    –Joe Chiappa, Rhombus Enterprises (New York)

  • "Excellent product - very attractive two-span structure with formliners. CON/SPAN® went well above the call of duty to satisfy the state reviewers."
    –Quentin D Rissler, Rettew Associates (Pennsylvania)

  • "[Your provider] was very helpful going above and beyond the normal."
    –James Monte, K Construction, Inc (Louisiana)

  • "[Your provider] was very helpful through the process."
    –Brian Quackenbush, EmH&T (Ohio)

  • "As always, [your provider] is a pleasure to work with!"
    –Mark Wesolowski, Burke Engineering Corporation (Illinois)

  • "No criticisms. You provide excellent product and support."
    –Dennis McKee, Midwestern Consulting, LLC (Michigan)

  • "This project included very complicated phased construction and CON/SPAN® and [your provider] provided us with solutions for several problems. [Your provider] and [your engineer] worked very well with us to ensure the project was successful."
    –Jason Hickle, Ken Herceg & Associates (Indiana)

  • "[Your provider] and [your engineer] did a great job helping us get this approved."
    –Jeff Simmons, Land Pro Design (Georgia)

  • "[Your provider] goes above what is required to help. Thanks."
    –Scott Shoup, Shoup Engineering Inc (Pennsylvania)

  • "The process was smooth from beginning to end. [Your provider] always made himself available for questions."
    –Brian Uhlenbrock, Neff & Associates (Ohio)

  • "[Your provider] was very helpful and attentive to meeting all of our needs."
    –John Schandevel, Pulte Land Development (Michigan)

  • "Very professional product and installation procedure."
    –Brian Moschetto, Cornerstone Engineering (Florida)

  • "The service level from [your provider] was exceptional."
    –Gregg Nadess, Crystal Sewer and Water (Illinois)

  • "[Your provider] did a great job. His flexibility and responsiveness was greatly appreciated."
    –Tony Trost, Dawood Engineering (Pennsylvania)

  • "Good product. Good people."
    –Jimmy Richards III, Jimmy Richards & Sons Excavating (Maryland)

  • "Very professional job... thanks."
    –James Doyle, INDOT (Indiana)

  • "Great product. Aesthetically pleasing, fully functional and economically sound for many span configurations in the 20-50 foot range."
    –Norm Pirro, Foit-Albert Associates (New York)

  • "All aspects of service were excellent. Product was to spec and installed easily. Local rep[resentative] was very knowledgeable and helpful."
    –Martin Ing, Putnam Contracting Services (Tennessee)

  • "This is a great system and your folks are a pleasure to work with! I presently have two more installations here in Albermarle using your bridges. Thanks!"
    –Kurt M. Gloeckner, Gloeckner Engineers (Virginia)

  • "[Your provider] is very helpful and responsive."
    –Alan L. Unemori, Unemori Engineering (Hawaii)

  • "I have been very satisfied from the beginning of my experience working with CON/SPAN®."
    –John Kenney, John Kenney Builders (Kentucky)

  • "As always, extremely pleased with the CON/SPAN® product."
    –Rick Salvo, McKenzie Engineering Group (Massachusetts)

  • "CON/SPAN® allowed us the flexibility to bid a project in late July, award it in August, start construction in September, and open to traffic in early November. Other bridge types would have had to wait for the next construction season."
    –Jeff Sheaffer, Larson Design Group Inc (Pennsylvania)

  • "Both [of your representatives] were extremely helpful and informative."
    –Al S. Alcala, MSA Engineering (California)

  • "The entire process was excellent from design through construction. The technical assistance and follow up from the sales representatives was outstanding."
    –Scott Wood, CT Consultants (Ohio)

  • "[Your] local provider provided excellent support and assistance. Product installation was straight-forward with very close tolerances. Excellent experience all around."
    –Martin Ing, Putnam Contracting Services (Tennessee)

  • "[Your representative] was great to work with and helped with last minute revisions."
    –David Caragher, Chatham Holdings (Georgia)

  • "I have always appreciated working with your company and using your products. It has also been a learning experience. [Your representative] is a great asset to your company."
    –Dennis McKee, Midwestern Consulting, LLC (Michigan)

  • "Egyptian Concrete made the whole process very painless. They did a great job and we finished ahead of schedule, making us and our client very happy. Thank you."
    –Gregg Nadess, Crystal Sewer and Water (Illinois)

  • "The CON/SPAN® representative is very helpful with erection and scheduling the product to the jobsite. He is great to work with and I look forward to using CON/SPAN® in the future."
    –Joe Schrecengost, RH Johnson (Pennsylvania)

  • "[Your representative] was very helpful and worked with us very well. I look forward to next time!"
    –Jimmy Richards III, Jimmy Richards & Sons Excavating (Maryland)

  • "URS worked with [your representative] on a 48' long CON/SPAN® to be installed over Whiskey Creek in Kentwood. URS was very satisfied with the end product and the assistance received."
    –John Jacobson, URS (Michigan)

  • "Nice product for us to use as a general contractor. Quick and easy to install."
    –Peter J. Dupuis, Thomas J. Moyle Inc (Michigan)

  • "[Your representative] with BridgeTek did a great job for support during installation."
    –Bobby Eaves, Blythe Construction Inc (North Carolina)

  • "The Holsclaw Hill bridge was installed during Christmas break... A 12" ice snowstorm hit the night before installation. We had staged the crane in our shop to start early. As it turned out, we had to snowplow roads to gain access. We had to pick up the trailer and turn to allow access. Good job by all parties!"
    –Jim Rice, Flynn Brothers Contracting (Kentucky)

  • "Great job. [Your representative] was excellent."
    –Jeff Hanlon, Slate Hill Constructors (New York)

  • "Our experience with your product and service was very good and we will be looking forward to working with your company again soon."
    –Frank Marshall, G.E. Marshall Inc (Indiana)

  • "Very cooperative and timely delivery on plans and services."
    –David Kelley, LANDTech Consultants Inc (Massachusetts)

  • "Your representative did it again... Upon completion, the project manager for Pulte was thrilled, the structure was beautiful and we had construction traffic over the bridge within hours after backfill. With admiration and sincerity, I thank you."
    –Steve McKinney, Cramar Development (Tennessee)

  • "The assistance provided by [your representatives] couldn't have been better. They deserve our praise."
    –Clyde Brooks, Vertical Concrete Inc (California)

  • "The technical assistance I received from [your representatives] was greatly appreciated."
    –Jeff Lazzell, Woolpert LLP (Indiana)

  • "The installation process and end product of the CON/SPAN® is much better than the box culverts. It is a great service to have a representative here to help with the installation process."
    –Brad Mast, Kokosing Construction Company (Ohio)

  • "Great product! Great customer service."
    –Patrick Coggins, Faison (Maryland)

  • "I think [your representative] was great to work with. He answered all of our questions and assisted the field guys with the installations."
    –Jeff Pitzer, Blythe Development (North Carolina)

  • "[Your representative] is great to work with."
    –Don Steciak, Clough Harbor & Associates (New York)

  • "This was my firm's first project with a CON/SPAN® structure. [Your representative] was very accommodating in guiding us through a very successful installation. Thanks!"
    –Bradford T. Clubb, Flyway Excavating, Inc (Pennsylvania)

  • "Excellent job with this and previous projects. We anticipate continuous use of your services on upcoming projects."
    –Matthew Weber, BGC Design Inc (Ohio)

  • "The technical and cost information received during the project from start to finish was outstanding."
    –Scott Wood, CT Consultants (Ohio)

  • "I have utilized CON/SPAN® systems for years because of the quality of the product and the personnel representing their company. I will continue to use them for these same reasons."
    –Tim Doody, Timmons Group (Virginia)

  • "Good system. I will use it again."
    –John Barger, U.S. Forest Service (West Virginia)

  • "We at ESW Royal Construction Inc. strive for quality and precision. Working with CON/SPAN® Bridge Systems has given us that. We look forward to working with CON/SPAN® on future projects."
    –Eric S. Wlodarski, ESW Royal Construction Inc (Illinois)

  • "[Your representative] was extremely helpful in getting this precast system approved by the Massachusetts Highway Department."
    –Wayne McCauley, J.H. Maxymilliam (Massachusetts)

  • "Very supportive service. Excellent project."
    –Kevin Walter, Newton County Engineer's Office (Georgia)

  • "[Your representatives] were extremely helpful in making my first (of many, hopefully) CON/SPAN® project very successful. Thank you."
    –Joe Callahan, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (Kentucky)

  • "[Your representative] did an excellent job for us on this project. He is very professional, hardworking and knowledgeable."
    –Jim Reed, E.C. Korneffel Company (Michigan)

  • "[Your representatives] really helped make this project a success. Whenever we had questions, they were quick to respond."
    –David Pupkiewicz, Haskell Company (Florida)

  • "Both [your representatives] were helpful beyond their professional duties. Very good job."
    –Robert Higgins, Mackan & Somps (California)

  • "Both [your representatives] provided great/timely service and assistance."
    –Pat Symons, TLA (California)

  • "[Your representative] has been great to work with!"
    –Ron Skinner, Yeager Skanska, Inc (California)

  • "Your input, follow up and 'stick with it' attitude are greatly appreciated. Good work."
    –Bernard Telatovich, Bursich Associates (Pennsylvania)

  • "Another great experience with CON/SPAN®!"
    –Steve Thomas, Dewberry & Davis (North Carolina)

  • "We are extremely pleased with our structure. We are recommending CON/SPAN® to our customers now."
    –Kris W. Spence, Spence Golf (North Carolina)

  • "[Your representative] provided excellent support to this project and was an incredible help the day we set the unit. All of his assistance was greatly appreciated."
    –Marvin Greer, Lazer Construction (South Carolina)

  • "[Your representative] did an outstanding job!"
    –Steve Degrazia, Toll Brothers, Inc (New York)

  • "We had a great experience with your CON/SPAN® system. From the initial drawings all the way through setting the last piece, [your representative] was very knowledgeable and helpful."
    –Michael Alford, S.T. Wooten Corporation (North Carolina)

  • "[Your representative] provided excellent service."
    –Mike Pugh, BBEC, LLC (Louisiana)

  • "[Your representative] was very helpful through the process, from preliminary design to installation. This is the third CON/SPAN® unit we've used to date."
    –Stan Waste, Greene County Highway Department (New York)

  • "I have always promoted your product since its inception at NYSDOT. It is a great product. [Your representative] is a real asset to your company. He makes sure that the product goes together perfectly... As always, it is a fine looking structure that was installed without a 'hitch.'"
    –Norm Pirro, Foit-Albert Associates (New York)

  • "[Your representative] was very helpful through the design and construction process."
    –Tony Kapij, Adams, Rehmann & Heggan Associates (New Jersey)

  • "[Your representative] was extremely diligent and patient through a long permitting process. Thanks!"
    –Steve Bus, CEMCON, Ltd (Illinois)

  • "[Your representative] was a great asset to this project."
    –K. Ellis, FTC&H (Michigan)

  • "[Your representative] made it go well. Service and tech help was very good."
    –Phil Wolf, Manhard Consulting (Missouri)

  • "Assistance provided by the local provider was outstanding from start to finish."
    –Bruce C. Smith, Clark County Engineer's Department (Ohio)

  • "[Your representatives] were very interested and very helpful throughout the entire project."
    –Paul W. Debuty, Clark County Engineer's Department (Ohio)

  • "[Your representatives] were very helpful and generous with their time. I especially appreciated all the effort [they] put in to meet time constraints and help with field issues. Overall, a very positive experience."
    –Bree McElwain, URS Corporation (Virginia)

  • "I was very pleased with the support I received as well as the onsite service during the installation. The whole process was excellent and I would recommend using CON/SPAN® again."
    –Jeff Andrews, INDOT, La Porte District (Indiana)

  • "[Your representative] did a great job dealing with issues as they arose."
    –Dan Mason, Tricord, Inc (Virginia)

  • "I was very pleased with the attention to detail which caught an error prior to fabrication."
    –Erich T. Hart, RQAW Corporation (Indiana)

  • "Keep up the good work! A valuable resource."
    –Greg Glitzwe, Gilmore and Associates, Inc (Pennsylvania)

  • "[Your representative's] assistance was excellent during installation."
    –Alva Goodwin, MCG, Inc (South Carolina)

  • "We thought the local rep was very helpful throughout the entire process."
    –William A. Carlson, Burgess & Niple, Inc (Ohio)

  • "The project went perfect. See ya on the next project!"
    –John Dempsey Jr, JA Dempsey & Sons (Ohio)

  • "This bridge system is the way to go. Structurally and environmentally the service was great. Thank you."
    –Joe Burroughs, City of Sonoma (California)

  • "Installation went smoothly. Shop drawings were well done in metric."
    –Monte Mildenburg, Beam, Longest & Neff LLC (North Carolina)

  • "I appreciated the help provided by your company and the speed was remarkable."
    –Andrew Etchison, LGG (Texas)

  • "The CON/SPAN® representative that I worked with was extremely helpful in answering my questions and providing needed assistance in a timely manner."
    –J. Kreg Overstreet, Brown & Mitchell, Inc (Mississippi)

  • "Supplier provided excellent service."
    –John Pruden, City of Salem (Illinois)

  • "Everything was excellent and the field support was 100%."
    –Justin Dearborn, Dearborn Construction (Maine)

  • "[Your representative] was extremely helpful in getting the project completed. CON/SPAN® hydraulics were important for design purposes of this class III dam outlet."
    –Greg Wolterstorf, V3 Consultants (Illinois)

  • "[Your representative] was a pleasure to work with."
    –Kenneth B. Thompson II, Thompson & Associates, Inc (Michigan)

  • "Very high quality product. Things fit well."
    –Jim Kloote, J.E. Kloote Contracting Inc (Michigan)

  • "Very helpful design team. Questions and issues were addressed timely every time."
    –Jonathan Petke, Hunsaker & Associates (California)

  • "[Your representatives] were very helpful and quick to answer all of my questions and requests."
    –Jason Hulsey, Centerline Surveying Systems Inc (Georgia)

  • "[Your representative] is fantastic."
    –Bill Brown Jr, Town Development of Sacramento, Inc (California)

  • "The coordination, preparation, technical support and representation on your product was excellent."
    –Joseph Schrecengost, R.L. Johnson Construction (Pennsylvania)

  • "Technical support was excellent. Product delivered in a timely manner. [Your representative] was a great contact."
    –Adam Koransky, Jehn Engineering (Colorado)

  • "[Your representative] did a great job of modifying the plans per our changes."
    –Stephen Guidice, Harry E. Cole & Son (Connecticut)

  • "[Your representative] was helpful and prompt with information and delivery of product."
    –Nan Newlon, Christopher B. Burke Engineering (Illinois)

  • "CON/SPAN® was an interesting project. We were happy with the way it went together and with the final product."
    –Keith Orban, R. S. Scott Associates, Inc (Michigan)

  • "[Your representative] did a great job. [He] had several engineers from city government and highway department at the installation. All were impressed."
    –David DeHoff PE, Quest Engineers (Kentucky)

  • "Great working relationship. Very responsible to coordination and erection questions. [Your representative] was very helpful to the erection process. Great job."
    –Rodney Reinhart, Miller Valentine Construction (Ohio)

  • "[Your representative] was extremely helpful to me throughout preconstruction and installation. Very professional."
    –Frederick Marx III, S. St. George Contracting Inc (New York)

  • "[Your representative] did a great job of working to make this purchase and installation a first class experience. Feel free to use our company as a good reference. Thanks for the great service. We hope to purchase another bridge... in the future."
    –Mark Miller, Crossroad Village Apartments (West Virginia)

  • "Some of the highest quality precast I've ever seen..."
    –Chris Dornbusch, LMS Contracting Inc (Indiana)

  • "Shop drawings to support installation were excellent."
    –Guillermo E. Matta, Washington Group (Alabama)

  • "[Your representative] presented a very approachable and professional front for your company. Very pleased and satisfied with my experience. Would not hesitate to use again."
    –Jay Deason, RC Mathews Contractor (Tennessee)

  • "Great work. [The] county loves the bridges also."
    –Raul Guzman, G.T.L. Inc (Colorado)

  • "Another smooth installation. Great job!"
    –Travis Boone, URS Corporation (Colorado)

  • "We are just finishing the bridge and roadwork, and the CON/SPAN® system worked out great."
    –Bruce Hall, Hall Engineering (Utah)

  • "[Your] staff was responsive to design issues."
    –Felix Jacobs, Rufferi-Jensen-Azar and Associates (California)

  • "[Your representative] was great. She would respond quickly to my calls and would also check up occasionally with the project. She also knew the technical portions of the project very well."
    –Chris Buscarino, HDR Engineering Inc (California)

  • "CON/SPAN® provided a very simple solution to a potentially difficult design problem. [Your representative] was great and very helpful."
    –Tom Williams, House and Robinson Architects (California)

  • "[Your representative] was very accessible and knowledgeable. Technical assistance was thorough. Please feel free to use me as a reference."
    –Fred Sheckells, Morris and Ritchie Associates (Maryland)

  • "Easy installation."
    –Roy A. Waggenspack PE, Owen and White Inc (Louisiana)

  • "[Your representative] was very helpful throughout the construction process."
    –E.H. "Ted" Kennedy, Schutt-Lookabill Company Inc (Indiana)

  • "[Your representatives] did a good job resolving construction design issues in a timely manner."
    –Adam Reihl, Beam, Longest and Neff LLC (Indiana)

  • "[Your representative] worked with us and delivered a product under an unbelievable schedule. He coordinated with our office, the contractor, and CON/SPAN® engineers to make this project happen."
    –Gary Diorio PE, MS Consultants Inc (Ohio)

  • "Very satisfied. [Your representative] does an excellent job!"
    –Harry Lee, Cowie Construction Company (Ohio)

  • "The technical assistance and drawings were offered and completed in a timely fashion. Thank you."
    –Matt Puhl, NCI (Ohio)

  • "[The] structure went in very smoothly."
    –Steve Luebbe, Fayette County (Ohio)

  • "Outstanding project! [Your representative] was a great help."
    –MSGT Peter Nestinger, 200th Red Horse Squadron (Ohio)

  • "Our entire project team was very pleased with the CON/SPAN® installation, delivery and bridge completion."
    –Tune Smallwood, Liberty Township (Ohio)

  • "[Your representative] did an outstanding job throughout the progress of this project."
    –Craig Wing, The Armrel-Byrnes Company (Ohio)

  • "[Your] field representative assisted us in a major way."
    –Joe Tantarelli, Trucco Construction (Ohio)

  • "[The] bridge sections were a perfect fit."
    –Joe Kozlowski, CIR Inc (Ohio)

  • "Excellent service and support. Thank you for the great service."
    –Kent Bachmann PE, Herco (Pennsylvania)

  • "[The] owner was very impressed with [your representative's] knowledge and hands-on direction during installation."
    –Quentin Rissler, Rottew Associates (Pennsylvania)

  • "All your representatives/engineers I dealt with... were great! Thanks."
    –Susan Brown, Earth Engineering Inc (Pennsylvania)

  • "Very supportive service. Excellent project."
    –Kevin Walter PE, Newton County Engineer (Georgia)

  • "[Your providers] are excellent representatives for your company. You are fortunate to have such sharp and honest individuals."
    –Allen Harp, Sunbelt Structures Inc (Georgia)

  • "[Your representative] was exceptionally helpful. We appreciate him very much."
    –Russ Rickels, W.E. Garrison Company Inc (North Carolina)

  • "[Your representative] does a good job."
    –Jeff Greene, Jewell Engineering (North Carolina)

  • "Great people to work with."
    –Dave Pleuger, PA DOT (Pennsylvania)

  • "Great job!"
    –Dennis L. Johnson, NC DOT (North Carolina)

  • "[Your representative] was very helpful during the design phase and the installation of the structure."
    –Pete Goss, City of Charlotte (North Carolina)

  • "[The] original plan called for triple 16' x 5' CON/SPAN®s. [Your representative] contacted us and informed us that double 24' x 7' spans would be more cost effective yet still give the desired flow.  [This] saved lots of money making our client happy."
    –Barton Lamond, Urban Engineering (Virginia)

  • "I had a wonderful experience working with [your representative]."
    –Hamid M. Tehran, Wiles Research Corporation (Virginia)

  • "Good job."
    –Jack Wilson, Westlind Construction Inc (Virginia)

  • "Excellent support."
    –Vince Derr, Falkconer Construction (Virginia)

  • "CON/SPAN® has always installed easily [and I] would recommend [it] to anyone. Your representatives are knowledgeable and very helpful."
    –Tom Colvin, Virginia DOT (Virginia)

  • "[Your representatives] were very helpful in installation."
    –Donald H. Rice, Donald H. Rice Construction (Virginia)

  • "Once again, a great job! [Your representative] was on site all day long. We placed 103 LF of structure and four wingwalls in one afternoon. Looks great - performs great. [I] look forward to using CON/SPAN® again soon."
    –Matt Yunger PE, Hamilton County Engineer's Office (Ohio)

  • "[Your representative] made the whole job go very easy. [I] would love to install more."
    –John Youtsey, Holtz and Youtsey Construction (Kentucky)

  • "[Your engineer] provided technical assistance and was a great source of information."
    -Michael Knapp PE, Vigil-Agrimis Inc (Oregon)

  • "The bridge is just right for us."
    –Tom Olmsfead, Cornerstone Christian Academy (Illinois)

  • "[Provider] representation in the field was exceptional."
    –Aaron Metzger, Monroe County Highway (Illinois)

  • "Staff was very helpful during design."
    –Jason A. Watters, Woolpert LLP (

  • "Looking forward to working with CON/SPAN® [again] in the future."
    –Doug Masters, Strand Associates (

  • "[Your representative] did a great job. Thanks."
    –Scott K. Reichert, Veile Construction Inc (

  • "It's great. Thanks."
    –Bruce E. Murray, City of Richmond Heights (Missouri)

  • "I found [your representative's] knowledgeable and timely responses invaluable!"
    –Bernice Ellis, MAF Developments Inc (

  • "Good job!"
    –Steve Swedberg, Swedberg and Associates (

  • "[Your representative] was extremely helpful in getting the project completed. CON/SPAN® hydraulics were important for design purposes of this class III dam outlet."
    –Greg Wolterstorff, V3 Consultants (

  • "[Your representative] was extremely helpful during all stages of design and construction. In addition, your shop drawing production staff and filed representative were very professional and helpful throughout the project. Excellent job!"
    –Colleen Malone PE SE, H.W. Lockner Inc (

  • "[Your representative] provided excellent serve throughout the project."
    –Brad Randall, Hanson-Wilson Inc (

  • "[Your representative] was a pleasure to work with."
    –Peter Solmo, V3 Construction Group (

  • "[Your representative] was very helpful."
    –Joseph Heinz, Gerald Heinz and Associates (

  • "Excellent job by [your representative]. [He] was always available to help with questions [and was a] technically sound person. CON/SPAN® has a good engineering team too. Excellent service. Good product."
    –Dipal P. Vimawala, CTE Engineers (

  • "Assistance provided by [your representative] was exceedingly more than satisfactory. We couldn't have done it without them!"
    –John Harty, Veile Construction (

  • "This is our second structure and [we] have been pleased with the product and technical assistance."
    –Ria Bisson, Town of Orange (

  • "We used the CON/SPAN® System and it worked great."
    –Arthur St. Onge, A.L. St. Onge Contractor Inc (Vermont

  • "Technical help was both knowledgeable and timely."
    –Thomas R. Gillespie PE, CLA Engineers (Connecticut

  • "Job went very well - thank you!"
    –Craig Trombly, Lawrence-Lynch Group (Massachusetts

  • "[Your representative] did a great job for us on this project!"
    –Steve Cole, E.D. Swett Inc (New Hampshire

  • "[Your representative] was a pleasure to work with."
    –Kenneth B. Thompson II, Thompson and Associates Inc (Michigan)

  • "Job well done!"
    –Paul Hotvedt, The Selective Group (Michigan)

  • "Your rep[resentative] was very helpful during the installation of the system."
    –Wayne Charles, Orange County Highway Construction (Florida)

  • "We are very pleased with the system."
    –Richard E. Dunn, Engineering and Environmental Design (Florida)

  • "Very pleased with the entire process. Thank you."
    –Brian Mulmberg, Miller Einhouse Rymer (Florida)

  • "[Your representative] was very helpful and he really made my job a lot easier. Keep up the good work!"
    –Craig Eudell, Engineering and Environmental Design (Florida)

  • "[Your representative] is great to work with... as he knows your project. We look forward to working together with future jobs."
    –Bob Craft, Mid State Pavings Company (Florida)

  • "Everyone was very helpful. [We] appreciate your assistance in meeting our schedule."
    –Jimmy Kirkman, Johnson Brothers Corporation (Florida)

  • "Design services prior to construction were invaluable."
    –Ted Davidson, Parsons (Florida)

  • "As always, great job."
    –Tom McDonough, The Villages (Florida)

  • "It is great working with [you]... and [your] knowledge made our job easier. This went so well we are in the process of selling another CON/SPAN® on the same project."
    –Bob Craft, Mid State Paving Company (Florida)

  • "Fine product. Good comments from field..."
    –Pat King, Beaver Excavating (West Virginia)

  • "The bridge structure went together very easy!"
    –Dale Huffman, Countryside Construction (Ohio)

  • "Outstanding job in providing installation assistance."
    –John M. Farley II, Ahern and Associates (Ohio)

  • "[Your provider] was very helpful - truly an asset to your company!"
    –Denny Benson, Broshear Contractors (Ohio)

  • "Technical support in the field was outstanding."
    –Mark R. Laistner PE, Erdman Anthony and Associates (New York)

  • "Most helpful in getting this fast track project completed."
    –D. Svilokos, Abate Engineering Associates (New York)

  • "Very helpful. A+. I would recommend this product to anyone. Great company."
    –Robert Henderson, Healthmate Development LLC (New Jersey)

  • "Excellent representative on technical issues...very helpful and friendly."
    –Dan Meier, Chester Valley Engineers (Pennsylvania)

  • "Great!!"
    –Tim Naquin, Byron E. Talbot Construction (Louisiana)

  • "A very good product with excellent support."
    –Eric Pilotin, Goodfellow Brothers Inc (Hawaii)

  • "Very good. Excellent engineer! Excellent coach to the construction crew."
    –Jack Leach, Nagel Construction Inc (Michigan)

  • "Went the extra mile in helping me with construction costs and length, as well as expediting the shop drawing process."
    –Ammar Salameh, OHM Inc (Michigan)

  • "Provided quality materials and technical support."
    –Mark Desotell, Delta County Road Commission (Michigan)

  • "I am very satisfied with the job. All representatives were helpful and knowledgeable. Definitely would consider using your product in another similar application."
    –James Clark, City of Newport News - Engineering Department (Virginia)

  • "Great job of communicating with me throughout the whole process. We have two more projects coming up similar to [this one] and I hope they can go just as smooth."
    –Scott Sigmon, WK Dickson (North Carolina)

  • "Extremely helpful and knowledgeable about CON/SPAN®."
    –Alan Unemori, Warren S. Unemori Engineering (Hawaii)

  • "Flexibility and timely review of RFI's and submittals and suggestions were very helpful to maintain a compressed schedule."
    –Mike Randazzo, John Carlo Inc (Michigan)

  • "Assisted throughout the project with all detail and scope revisions required to build according to schedule."
    –John Clark, Giffels-Webster Engineering (Michigan)

  • "This project had severe time constraints. Great to work with.  [Your provider] pulled it all together to create reality."
    – Joe Myers, Etkin Skanska USA (Michigan)

  • "Best quality of product to date. Keep it up! Fantastic job..."
    –Jim Kloote, J.E. Kloote (Ohio)

  • "Great to work with."
    –Ed Davids, Hoffman Brothers (Michigan)

  • "Very helpful in selling and designing these bridges. The quality was excellent... Provided outstanding support during the installation of both of these bridges."
    –Wally Utter, Mann Brothers (Wisconsin)

  • "Reps did a great job. Had everything running very smooth."
    –Dan Burbach, D.C. Burbach Inc (Wisconsin)

  • "Best looking bridge system in Cass County, MO."
    –Jim Otis, Good-Otis LLC (Missouri)

  • "Very nice product. Very easy to install. Installation assistance A++."
    –Janet Payonk, Champaign Asphalt Company (Illinois)

  • "Very impressed with your product and the personnel involved. This was only the second CON/SPAN® structure used in D-9. I feel fortunate to have been involved."
    –Scott Stokes, Illinois DOT (Illinois)

  • "Great assistance."
    –Roger Kochman, Burgess and Niple (Ohio)

  • "Great support."
    –Kurt Burwinkle, Rust Constructors (Alabama)

  • "Good to work with!"
    –Robert McElroy, Brasfield and Gorrie (Alabama)

  • "Great service! Great product!"
    –C.W. Bommarito, Pinn Brothers Developers (California)

  • "Thanks! Andreini Brothers, Inc. is very pleased and impressed with the system and the people."
    –Mario Andreini, Andreini Brothers Inc (California)

  • "Appreciate CON/SPAN®'s patience and professionalism when it came to construction, delivery and installation."
    –Renato Gugliotti, Kimmins Contracting (Florida)

  • "Very helpful with the shop drawings-CON/SPAN® design."
    –Andy Kirbach, Stottler, Stagg and Associates (Florida)

  • "My overall experience was excellent."
    –Stephanie Fluriach PE, Kimley-Horn (Florida)

  • "First rate from initial quotation to shop drawing submittal to field representation."
    –Woody Boynton PE, Putnam County Public Works (Florida)

  • "Great working with [your providers]. Delivery right on time. Easy to get hold of any time. Thanks again."
    –Ronald Dennison, Walden Greene Developers Inc (Florida)

  • "Provided very good assistance."
    –Mike Nichols, Woodruff and Sons (Florida)

  • "Thanks to your staff for their assistance in assuring that the structure matched the skew angle and the face of the block wall."
    –Joe Kromer, Otero Engineering Inc (Florida)

  • "Delivered outstanding customer service from the first phone call when [your provider] was on vacation through installation!"
    –Douglas Babcock, Precision Construction Inc (Indiana)

  • "The assistance during installation was fantastic...The arch fell right into place and it was done quickly."
    –Shauna Clifford, State of Vermont District 7 (Vermont)

  • "Very good."
    –William Reed, East Coast Construction Company (Rhode Island)

  • "Always helpful and prepared for each of our projects. The bridge went together very well."
    –Brian Dilley EI, Delaware County Engineer's Office (Ohio)

  • "Exceedingly helpful and patient working with my husband and me, who are not engineers or contractors but a lawyer and a foreign affairs specialist building a house for the first (and last) time. We were very pleased with the service and the result."
    –Judith Rabinowitz, Owner (Washington D.C.)
  • "Very helpful and professional. Good looking units. Very pleased. Hope to continue to use your project."
    –Matt Yunger PS, Hamilton County Engineer's Office (Ohio)

  • "Great job in production of the CON/SPAN® unit."
    –Brian McIrney, Bartletta Engineering (Massachusetts)
  • "Excellent job assisting us with our project.  Thank you."
    –Denny Benson, Broshear Contractors (Ohio)

  • "We are very satisfied with CON/SPAN® and will give you every opportunity to price our precast jobs."
    –Alain Carrier, Construction Divers Inc (Maine)
  • "Went very well!
    –Gary Black, Miller Brothers Excavating (Ohio)

  • "All our communications with your staff and other CON/SPAN® representatives have been professional and helpful. We decided at a very early stage in the project to use a precast concrete bridge structure. The detailed design coordination was performed by our structural subconsultant...all parties happy with the product."
    –Chris Billing, Berns, Clancy and Associates (Illinois)

  • "I found CON/SPAN® to be very competitive in price. The actual placement of the structure is surprisingly quick and simple. Our crew installed the structure in about four hours. I like the fact that this structure uses the natural streambed as its floor. For intermediate sized drainage structures, I think that CON/SPAN® is a superior product.
    –Wheeler Nevels, KDOT District 7 (Kentucky)

  • "Great product, great service, great work."
    –Douglas Willet, LaSalle County Highway Department

  • "Superior aesthetics and quality."
    –Lawrence J. Kinzer, LaSalle County Highway Department (Illinois)

  • "I never thought a bridge could be so easy."
    –Carmen Destro Jr, C. Destro Development Company Inc (New York)

  • "Good job. Good service."
    –Richard W. Shatzer, ODOT (Ohio)

  • "CON/SPAN® performed above and beyond the call of duty. The rep[resentative] was very responsible."
    –Todd Lange, Gannett-Fleming (Ohio)

  • "Trucks were on time. Pieces fit together well. Technical service was excellent. No complaints."
    –Don Stegemoller, Rieth-Riley Construction Company (Indiana)

  • "Great service during design."
    –Roger Kochman, Burgess & Niple (Ohio)

  • "Great product! Quick and easy to set. Great communication with supplier."
    –Janet Payonk, Champaign Asphalt Company (Illinois)

  • "This was my second project using the CON/SPAN® Bridge System. It is a great system! 1 - Easy installation; 2 - Dramatically reduces overall project schedule; 3 - Aesthetically pleasing."
    –John P. Auger, Maine Department of Transportation (Maine)

  • "I was impressed with the speed of the installation. Technical support was outstanding. I would gladly recommend you and your product to any potential user."
    –Dennis Hummel, Worldwide Engineering

  • "Basically I really liked the product. Nice looking - easy to design and construct. In fact I just called the town chairman of another town who is planning a bridge replacement and invited him to come and see our new structure."
    –Gene Somers, Somers Engineering (Wisconsin)

  • "I was very pleased with the product. It only took a day to install the concrete structure which minimized time requirements for our HPA permit. I will definitely use this product in the future."
    –Damon DeRosa, Pierce County Water Programs (Washington)

  • "The service and product met and exceeded our expectations. We will continue to recommend CON/SPAN® for drainage applications."
    –Herbe Fricke PE, White Shield Inc (Oregon)

  • "We hope to use your product and reps again - very professional and good quality! Thank you!"
    –Katie Banzer, Banzer Construction Company (Oregon)

  • "I was very pleased. I would like to see your product used more often."
    –Dan Bridge, Indiana Department of Transportation (Indiana)

  • "Excellence and professionalism all around. I will look to them in future projects."
    –Dennis A. Engstrom, Professional Engineering Associates (Michigan)

  • "We are pleased with the CON/SPAN® structure. The speed of installation was a large bonus for this project. We are very happy with the finished product."
    –Craig Rasmussen, Sargent Engineers (Utah)

  • "An effective solution to our problem of providing a short time of road closure and ease of construction."
    –Steve Osborn, Juneau Associates Inc (Illinois)

  • "Great product—requires little disturbance in the stream bed."
    –Engineer Benjamin Tissue, BT and Associates (Virginia)

  • "Absolutely terrific job. Couldn’t have come up with a better solution in the time allotted. Client is very pleased."
    –Eric Friedman, Lichtenstein Consulting Engineers (New Jersey)

  • "We were amazed at the speed of the installation for a culvert of this size. It will definitely be a viable alternative to smaller bridges."
    –Joel C. McGee, Moody/Nolan Ltd Inc (Ohio)

  • "Technical assistance was excellent - especially appreciated being able to communicate by e-mail and to send and receive CAD drawings as attachments to e-mail."
    –Greg Pierce PE, Buck and Pierce Consulting (Vermont)

  • "This was our first CON/SPAN®. Everything went well. Would look forward to working with the product in the future."
    –John Nicol, Nicol and Sons Inc (Michigan)