Classic Cave Design Using Modern Techniques: Underground vaults for wineries provide many of the advantages of a traditional cellar or natural wine caves. The great flexibility of the system allows earthen floors, multiple vaults placed side by side, and units that can be furnished with optional endwalls and headwalls.

Because the structural units are designed for highway loading, the buried structure allows full use of the space above. In addition, the CON/SPAN® winery vaults offer the following benefits:

  • Reduces air movement, evaporation and equipment corrosion through natural temperature and humidity control
  • Reduces disruption of winery operations during construction
  • Fabrication off-site allows plant quality control and quick set-in-place construction.
  • The strength of the vaults allows for heavy loading above
  • Buried structure frees up space above vault
  • Cost-effective
  • Aesthetic arch
  • Long life cycle
  • Clear spans from 12 ft to 48 ft