Precast Wingwall:

The CON/SPAN® wingwall is a hybrid wall system that has elements of both cantilever and bin type wall systems. As shown in the figure, CON/SPAN® wingwalls are comprised of three primary structural elements: the precast face panel, precast anchors that are integrally cast into the face panel, and steel plates that connect adjacent wall panels or a wall panel to a bridge unit. The wall panels function as a cantilever wall with the weight of soil backfill acting on the anchor to provide external stability. Additional moment resistance is provided by friction and arching of the soil between anchors similar to solid backfill within a bin wall.

Precast wingwall advantages include:

  • Saves weeks off construction schedule
  • Allows you to backfill and cover immediately
  • Geometric flexibility—designed to fit your specific site
  • Heights to 15 feet with level backfill
  • Architectural treatments are easily applied
  • Single unit lengths to 24 feet—can be used in multiples